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"Watching the Detectives" is the third episode of The Flash. It aired on October 17, 1990.


A corrupt DA hires Megan Lockhart to find out the Flash's identity. Then he blackmails Barry to work for him, or he'll expose his secret.




  • Richard Belzer as Joe Kline
  • Joyce Hyser as Megan Lockhart
  • Vito D'Ambrosio as Tony Bellows
  • Mike Genovese as Warren Garfield
  • Vincent F. Guastaferro as Thomas Castillo
  • Harris Laskawy as Arthur Simonson
  • Biff Manard as Michael Murphy
  • Helen Martin as Sadie Grosso
  • Jordan Lund as Noble John Spanier
  • Dick Miller as Fosnight
  • Hubert Braddock as Bartender
  • Patrick Cupo as Lounge Lizard
  • Darrell Harris as Gillespie
  • Manny Perry as Gordo
  • Brenda Swanson as Slinky Dame
  • Frankie Thorn as Judith
  • Nicholas Trikonis as Pat