The Flash Wiki
"Order, order, order!"
"If I were behind the bench, maybe..."
—Judge and James Jesse

The Flash Wiki has a number of policies and guidelines that users are expected to follow.



Please try to use screenshots of the series whenever possible. Crop only when needed. Quality is not too important (it's a series from 1990 after all), but don't make it so blur that no one can see what they are. Try not to stretch the images, or 'add fan-made stuff' to it.


Images you upload for the pages must be categorized properly. Use [[Category:Images of ''NAME OF CHARACTER'']] for character images, and [[Category:Promotional Images]] for promotional images. For images with no characters, simply use [[Category:Images]]. For images of cast, use [[Category:Cast Images]].


Both images with PNG and JPG extension are accepted, though PNG extension is more suitable. Do not upload GIF images no matter what.

Naming of images

Use common sense. For an image of Captain Cold, name it "Captain Cold.png" instead of "C~Cold.png". You know what I mean.

User images

Please try not to use user images. If you wish to use one, upload it to Community Central and substitute it in that way. However, you are more than welcome to use images already existing on the wiki.

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