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Leonard Wynters, also known as Captain Cold, is an infamous albino hitman known for freezing his victims to death with a nuclear-powered cold gun. He was captured by the Flash and arrested by CCPD pending trial, but later escapes using concealed freeze weapons. He was killed by his own freeze ray when the Flash deflects the ray back at him.


  • Cold Gun: Leonard uses a nuclear-powered cold gun to instantly freeze and kill his enemies.
  • Goggles: Leonard uses a pair of goggles when operating as Captain Cold.


The Flash

Season 1


Captain Cold's death

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Leonard Snart is a thief, leader of the Rogues and enemy of the Flash, otherwise known as Captain Cold for his notorious weapon, the cold gun.
  • Leonard's last name Wynters references to his weapon of choice, the cold gun.