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"Nobody tricks the Trickster. Nobody!"
—James Jesse

James Montgomery Jesse is a psychopathic and delusional mass murderer with multiple personalities and a con artist. He is wanted for murder in six states. He is also obsessed with Megan Lockhart and kidnaps her to be his fantasy sidekick, Prank. Believing that Megan is under the influence of The Flash, the Trickster challenges him in order to be rid of his "evil spell." However, the Trickster fails and is arrested. He is put on trial & awaiting his verdict when he is freed by Zoey Clark, who becomes the second Prank. As revenge, the Trickster captures the Flash and brainwashes him to do his bidding. The Trickster wreaks havoc upon Central City and puts the entire city on trial with the aid of his new partner. However, The Flash overcomes his programming and defeats the Trickster, who is sent to a padded cell.




The Flash

Season 1

  • "The Trickster"
  • "Trial of the Trickster"