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"Honor Among Thieves" is the fourth episode of The Flash. It aired on October 25, 1990.


Central City Museum prepares to receive a valuable historical object. A group of specialists try to steal it.



Guest Stars

  • Ian Buchanan as Stan Kovacs
  • Michael Green as Mitch Lestrange
  • Clarence Clemons as Darrell Hennings
  • Vito D'Ambrosio as Tony Bellows
  • Elizabeth Gracen as Celia Wayne
  • Paul Linke as Ted Preminger
  • Biff Manard as Michael Murphy
  • René Assa as Mark Bernhardt
  • Jon Menick as Parry Johnson
  • Ping Wu as Chu Lee
  • Justin Burnette as Shawn Allen
  • Lydie Denier as Kate Tatting
  • Sav Farrow as Franco Mortelli
  • Michael Wyle as Anderson