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"Double Vision" is the fifth episode of the Flash. It aired on November 1, 1990.


Someone spreads graffiti, and messages asking to meet "Flash" at a church. Barry goes to the church. Shortly after that, he begins to experience black outs and memory losses.



Guest Stars

  • Richard Belzer as Joe Kline
  • Vito D'Ambrosio as Tony Bellows
  • Biff Manard as Michael Murphy
  • Mike Genovese as Warren Garfield
  • Charley Hayward as Marcos Trachman
  • Karla Montana as Paloma
  • Miguel Fernandes as Reuben Calderon
  • Ricard Gutierrez as Father Becerra
  • Zitto Zazann as the Santero
  • William Marquez as Felix Tomarquin
  • Richard Yniguez as Peter Paul Aguilar
  • Elisabeth Chavez as Sofia Tomarquin
  • Anne Gee Byrd as Official and Marguerite Giarelo
  • Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez as Javier O'Hara