Dr. Desmond Powell was a vigilante in the 1950s called Nightshade who captured criminals using tranquilizer darts. He gave up being a vigilante after he stopped The Ghost in 1955. Later, he became a doctor and the Chief of Staff at Central City Hospital. When the Ghost reappeared in 1990, Powell becomes Nightshade once again and teams up with The Flash to apprehend the Ghost. He later unknowingly inspires the Deadly Nightshade and was framed for multiple counts of murder, but clears his name and captures the impostor. He then makes his secret identity public and becomes a celebrity.


  • Nightshade suitPowell uses a suit with a black mask and hat, along with a long black trenchcoat and metallic goggles.
  • Nightshade's car: Powell uses an armored sedan from the 50s for transport.
  • Dart gun: Powell uses a modified gun that shoots knock-out darts.


The Flash

Season 1


Desmond Powell
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