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Curtis Bohannan was the son of crime boss Derek Bohannan, who was apprehended by the original Nightshade in the 1950s. Wanting to atone for his father's misdeeds, Curtis spent his inherited fortune supporting charitable causes, but secretly adopted the identity of the Nightshade, stylized the Deadly Nightshade, to brutally deal with criminals who operated outside the law. When he wore a cyborg suit, it took the intervention of both the original Nightshade and the Flash to stop the new Nightshade once and for all, with Powell having to shoot him with a tranquilliser dart, making his suit break down. He was then taken into custody.


The Flash

Season 1

  • "Deadly Nightshade"

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, a 'deadly nightshade' is a poisonous plant named atropa belladonna.