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Below is a list of characters, locations, etc., which originally appear in the DC Comics and other media prior to the episode's airing, by appearance.


Below is a list of characters who originally appeared in the DC Comics multiverse prior to the episode's airing, by appearance.

  1. Barry Allen/The Flash ("Pilot")
  2. Linda Park ("Pilot")
  3. Nora Allen ("Pilot")
  4. Henry Allen ("Pilot")
  5. Iris West ("Pilot")
  6. Tina McGee ("Pilot")
  7. The Ghost ("Ghost in the Machine")*
  8. James Jesse/The Trickster ("The Trickster")
  9. Captain Cold ("Captain Cold")
  10. Samuel "Sam" Scudder ("Done with Mirrors")

Comic book tie-in characters

  1. Vincent Everett/Kid Flash ("Flash TV Special") *

Referenced characters

  1. Carter Hall ("Watching the Detectives")
  2. Gorilla Grodd ("Deadly Nightshade")

In-universe fictional characters

  1. Superman ("Child's Play")
  2. Batman ("Child's Play")
  3. Professor Zoom ("Done with Mirrors")

Characters adapted as objects, concepts or groups

  1. Garrick Avenue ("Pilot")
  2. Margo Lane ("The Trickster")
  3. Heat Wave ("Captain Cold")

Fully renamed characters

  1. David McGee ("Out of Control") (fulfills the role of Jerry McGee)
  2. Desmond Powell/Nightshade ("Ghost in the Machine") (based on Wesley Dodds/Sandman, The Clipper and The Mikado)
  3. Curtis Bohannon ("Deadly Nightshade") (based on Mason Trollbridge, who took the mantle of second Clipper)

Characters from other sources appearing in comics

  1. Grigori Rasputin ("Honor Among Thieves")


  1. Russell shares more then a passing resemblance with other DC comics characters nicknamed The Ghost, in particular Alec Rois.
  2. Despite not being particularly based on any character of that nickname from the comics, Everett is named Kid Flash and is partially inspired by several people who used the nickname.


  1. Central City Police Department ("Pilot")


  1. Star Labs ("Pilot")


  1. Arkham ("Child's Play")
  2. The Flash Museum ("Fast Forward")


  1. The Flash suit ("Pilot")
  2. The Trickster suits ("The Trickster")
  3. Cold Gun ("Captain Cold")
  4. Captain Cold's glasses ("Captain Cold")